Analysis Paralysis

a n a l y s i s p a r a l y s i s

was introduced to this term today during an interview – of course, the one interviewed was not me. in speaking of one of the ways for an individual to enhance an organisation, he must not go into an analysis paralysis but rather, come to the conclusion quickly, and levelage on any little indication of success, and make ways forward.

analysis paralysis leads us into an infinite loop, where we become insular looking within for solutions, thinking of how certain situations will turn out, being positive, negative or otherwise. fact of life – there will always be maybes.

having heaps of maybes might indicate a deep and profound intellect, of the ability to process information, analyse and predict outcomes, thinking of the possibilities that MIGHT come as a result of.

the problem is that these possibilities will never become realities.


~ by yahstin on Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

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