abahram left his familar place and exposed himself to new cultures, new ways of life and new thinking.. he gained new perspectives, and I am confident that these perspectives strengthened the ONE perspective that is unchanging; the unceasing love of the Father – expressed through the mercies that abahram recieved, the grace that he has come to experience and understand..

experiences in life do matter to reveal immanuel – of the God that is with us! faith cannot exist in isolation to reality, but only when we are mildly, just mildly confident of the little that is within us, of our position that we have in the Father; of the Christ that is within us – that we would be able to have the boldness and the confident to engage a world that is before our eyes, a world that the Almighty has placed us in. And only when we know Immanuel, that we are able to reveal and point others to Him, to a higher reality, to suggest another perspectif of life!

John 17:3 (ESV)
[3] *And this is eternal life, *that they know you *the only *true God, and *Jesus Christ whom you have sent.


~ by yahstin on Saturday, May 1, 2010.

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